Hardware Vibrating Bowl Feeder
Hardware Vibrating Bowl Feeder
  • Hardware Vibrating Bowl Feeder
  • Hardware Vibrating Bowl Feeder

Hardware Vibrating Bowl Feeder

Custom High Quality Hardware Vibration Bowl Feeder Design, Provide vibratory bowl feeder 3D design drawings,  support 24 hours online online service.


What Is Vibratory Bowl Feeder

Vibratory Bowl Feeder is a device widely used in industrial production and automation to distribute, transport and position materials. It consists of vibrating base, controller and silo etc. The vibration force is generated by the motor or pneumatic device, and the material is conveyed along the track. The control system can control the operating state of the vibrating plate and the magnitude of the vibrating force to adapt to different work requirements.

How Does The Vibrating Plate Work? / Working Principle of Vibratory Bowl Feeder
The principle of the Vibratory Bowl Feeder is based on the generation and transmission of vibratory forces. When the vibrator is excited, by applying a horizontal or vertical periodic  vibration force on the vibrating plate, the material will produce motion forms such as rolling, sliding and throwing under the action of the vibration force, so as to realize the distribution, transportation and positioning of the material.

Application Field of Vibrating Bowl Feeder
1. Automated production line: In an automated production line, vibrating plates are usually used for the supply and distribution of materials. By rationally designing the working parameters of the vibrating plate, an efficient production process can be realized and the degree of automation of the production line can be improved.

2. Precision machining: In the field of precision machining, vibrating discs are widely used in parts feeding and positioning. Through the operation of the vibrating plate, the automatic delivery and positioning of parts can be realized, and the precision and efficiency of processing can be improved.

3. Packaging and Assembly: Vibrating pans are often used for material replenishment and parts sorting during packaging and assembly. The operation of the vibrating plate can realize the orderly supply of materials and ensure the continuity and high efficiency of the packaging and assembly process.

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 Product Display

 Product name

Hardware Vibrating Bowl Feeder



 Material Speciality

 Cold treatment forging alloy,   High strength, High hardness




 65W /150W /180w / 220W   / 350W


 CE, ROHS, ISO9001


 1 year warranty


 1 set

 Lead time

 14-28 days

 Payment term

 T/T 40% Deposit and balance   before shipment

 Original of Place



 1. Customized machine. it's made according to customer requirement, like the space, condition of connecting 

machine, samples dimension, the part customer may need, food safety assurance, etc.

 2.  Voltage and frequency are applied to all areas over the world.

 3.  Automatic machine, taking place of labor, reducing the cost.

 4.  Service life is longer than 3 years.

 5.  Automatic samples sorting, screening and feeding.

 6.  It's an important machine to distinguish the samples orientation, guaranteeing the quality and the  performance of next station.

 7.  Automate the production line, and enhance customer corporate image.

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Purchasing Process

Step 1:

1. Buyers provide physical pictures, sizes and materials;

2. Buyers provide the order and direction of discharging materials.

3. Buyers provide discharging speed;

4. Counterclockwise or clockwise;

5. Confirm if you need linear feeder, hopper, baseboard and sound-proof cover.

Step 2: Seller Evaluation Feedback
Material (returned to the buyer with the vibrating feeder) should be used for adjusting the vibrating feeder.

Step 3: After payment and delivery

1. Sellers begin to order and make the down payment.
2. Video shooting on the test machine;

3. The buyer is satisfied and make the final payment.

4. Sellers pack wooden boxes and deliver goods by logistics.


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