Toy Handmade Automatic Assembly Machine

Toy Handmade Automatic Assembly Machine

Good Price automatic production line suitable for plastic parts assembly machine, toy handmade automatic assembly machine


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Product Information

Equipment Name: Toy Handmade Automatic Assembly Machine

Power supply: 100V-500V 50/60HZ

Pressure: > 0.5 Mpa

Mechanical dimensions: 1750 * 1450 * 550 (mm)

Equipment capacity: 600-650Pcs/H

Equipment description

1. The equipment uses cylinder as power, the control system is PLC programmable controller, and the working principle of intuitive sub-station assembly is intuitive.

2. The equipment completes the process of PCB lock screw, key-press, spring, shell and lock screw.

3. The power cord and the bottom shell are manually loaded into the loading seat, and the plastic is fed by vibrating disc.

4. When a fault occurs, it can automatically sound and light alarm and stop, and display the fault position.

5. Automatic counting, output setting; Man-machine interface, intuitive interface, simple and safe operation.

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