The Main Points Of The Vibration Feeder Adjustment Step

2022-09-07 13:15:36

The main points of the vibrating feeder adjustment step:

(1) Confirm that the vibrating body is firmly locked on the disc surface.

(2), adjust the controller button to the middle position.

(3) Turn on the power and check if the vibration plate conveying speed meets the requirements.

(4) If the requirements are not met, loosen the fixing screws of the lock shrapnel and check the vibration speed.

(5) If the elastic piece fixing screw is loosened, the vibration speed becomes faster, indicating that the elastic piece is too thick, and the number or thickness of the elastic piece is moderately reduced, and then step (4) is performed again to debug again.

(6). Otherwise, increase the shrapnel or thickness moderately, then proceed to step (4) and debug again.

(7) If the adjustment of the step (4) does not change the vibration speed, it indicates that the shrapnel adjustment has been completed.

(8), the electromagnet should be aligned, the gap is 1---1.5mm, and the gap should be parallel.

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