Push-Pull Lock Screw Automatic Lock Assembly Machine

Push-Pull Lock Screw Automatic Lock Assembly Machine

Good Price automatic production line suitable for plastic parts assembly machine, toy handmade automatic assembly machine,sponge ring automatic assembly machine



Product Information

Equipment Name: Push-pull Lock Screw Automatic Lock Assembly Machine

Power supply: 100V-500V 50/60Hz

Pressure: > 0.5 MPa

Mechanical dimensions: 3516*1178*1318 (mm)

Capacity: 600 PCS/H

Power: 1500W

Product weight: 800Kg

Instructions for equipment

1. The machine uses cylinder as power, the control system is PLC programmable controller, and the working principle of intuitive sub-station assembly is intuitive.

2. The first station of the equipment is feeding on artificial belt line, automatic clamping, assembling, screwing and automatic belt line discharging.

3. The screw is fed by blowing screw, which has better effect and stronger stability.

4. Man-machine interface, intuitive interface, simple and safe operation;

5. All the key workstations of the equipment can flexibly set the adjusting speed and quantity.

6. Statistical counting of production makes it easier to control production.

7. Automatically stop, alarm and display error information in case of failure, so as to check and troubleshoot.

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