SWOER Multipurpose Bowl with Adjustable Tooling enables one feeding system to orient and feed a variety of screws, rivets, tapered parts and many others with a single unit.

  • An adjustable rail in the bowl's discharge facilitates the orienting of headed parts like screws, rivets and other fasteners with varying shank lengths and diameters.

  • Cylindrical parts, with a larger diameter close to one end versus the other, orient reliably in this bowl's "hanging" style tooling.

  • The feeder bowls are IN-STOCK and available in two sizes: 12 inches or 18 inches in diameter and a clockwise or counterclockwise spiral track.

  • Options include hardened tooling and wear-resistant linings.

  • Complete feeding systems include the tooled bowl, a base unit, and a vibratory feeder controller.

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