Main Installation And Maintenance Of The Vibrating Feeder Base

2020-06-07 08:00:00

Main installation and maintenance of the vibrating feeder base

1. The rated voltage is 220V or 110V AC, the frequency is 50HZ or 60HZ, and the vibration disk adopts half-wave excitation or full-wave excitation as needed.

2. Vibration specification: The diameter of the top plate is 80mm to 1200mm.

3. The base of the vibrating feeder is divided into clockwise and counterclockwise according to the direction of the material.

Installation and maintenance of the vibrating feeder base:

1. When opening the package, check whether the whole machine and accessories meet the packing list.

2. Check if the fasteners in the main parts of the main unit are loose.

3. When installing, make sure that the damping element is in the corresponding hole above and below.

4. After the height and level of the vibrating feeder are adjusted, fasten the lower seat to the bracket or the fixing plate.

5. A certain gap should be left when the vibrating feeder outlet is connected with the corresponding parts to avoid affecting the function of the vibrating plate.

6, the vibration feeder base is the electrical plug installed on the electrical control box (Note: the electric control box must be waterproof and oil proof), connect 220V or 110V power supply, turn on the switch, slowly turn the potentiometer, gradually reach the required number of feeds . (Note: Before turning on the power, be sure to adjust the potentiometer to the minimum value to avoid damage to the thyristor.) The gap between the electromagnet and the armature and the elastic components have been adjusted before leaving the factory. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to adjust.

7. After two years of normal operation, the vibration feeder base should be disassembled from the chassis to clean the dust and dirt on various parts, reassemble and debug, and achieve the required number of feeds.

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