How To Properly Install The Electromagnetic Vibration Feeder

2020-06-08 08:00:00

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is used to supply material from storage bin or other storage equipment evenly or quantitatively to the receiving equipment, which is an essential equipment for the automation of flow production. The electromagnetic vibration feeder is a relatively complete elastic system with two particle directional forced vibration. The whole system works in a low critical resonance state, mainly using electromagnetic vibration actuator to drive the tank to make reciprocating vibration with a certain dip angle, so that the material moves along the groove. During the use of electromagnetic vibration feeder, we often have to overhaul the feeder to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and help the equipment to operate efficiently and high and high.

The electromagnetic vibration feeder is small in size, light in weight, simple in structure, convenient in installation, without lubrication and convenient for maintenance. Due to the instantaneous change and opening and closing of the material flow, the feed volume has a high precision, and the centralized control and automatic control of the production process can be realized.

On how to correctly install the electromagnetic vibration feeder, let's talk about it.

(1) the electromagnetic vibration feeder is generally suspended. The hanger should be installed on a rigid structure. In order to reduce the lateral oscillation of the electromagnetic vibration feeder, the hanger should be placed about 10 degrees outward. For the large feeder, in order to repair and replace the material grooves, it is necessary to set up a mobile sliding frame.

(2) the electromagnetic vibration feeder should be installed as a whole. It is generally not allowed to be dismantled or any rigid attachments are not allowed to be consolidated on the machine. When installing, there should be some activity space around the equipment to avoid collision with other devices when working. The minimum length of space in general direction is 50mm and the width direction is 25mm.

(3) the electromagnetic vibration feeder trough can be installed horizontally, can also tilt the installation, feeding ability and declination angle is proportional to the tilt angle, but too easily lead to material flow, it is difficult to guarantee the precision of feeding. Therefore, it should be determined to be upwards, downward, or horizontal, depending on the nature of the material.

(4) the horizontal state of the feeder should be horizontal after installation, so as to avoid the material offset to one side when the feeder is working, and ensure that all the fastening bolts are firmly fastened.

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