Customized vibratory bowl feeder

Hot Selling Stainless Steel Vibratory Bowl Feeder

High-performance material-providing vibrating equipment, equiped with automatic device, can adjust its vibrating angle, with 250-700mm as vibrating disc diameter, which is constituted by stainless steel and other materials. Its straight vibrating orbit can be made in any length, with its providing ratio 15/min and more.Sound level≤80dB. The providing ratio of high-performance revolving material-providing equipment is beyong 100/min.


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 Product name

Hot Selling Stainless Steel Vibratory Bowl Feeder



 Material Speciality

 Cold treatment forging alloy,   High strength, High hardness




 65W /150W /180w / 220W   / 350W


 CE, ROHS, ISO9001


 1 year warranty


 1 set

 Lead time

 14-28 days

 Payment term

 T/T 40% Deposit and balance   before shipment

 Original of Place




1) Exciting vibration force and power are well matched, vibration force is large, the weight of the body is light, 

small volume, low mechanical noise;
2) Stable amplitude;
3) Adjustable& flexible Vibration frequency;
4) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation, maintation, and operation;
5) Adopting high quality material parts ,electric parts and operation parts. 
6) High profermance feeding speed. 
7) Various model, can be customized

Purchasing Process

Step 1:

1. Buyers provide physical pictures, sizes and materials;

2. Buyers provide the order and direction of discharging materials.

3. Buyers provide discharging speed;

4. Counterclockwise or clockwise;

5. Confirm if you need linear feeder, hopper, baseboard and sound-proof cover.

Step 2: Seller Evaluation Feedback
Material (returned to the buyer with the vibrating feeder) should be used for adjusting the vibrating feeder.

Step 3: After payment and delivery

1. Sellers begin to order and make the down payment.
2. Video shooting on the test machine;

3. The buyer is satisfied and make the final payment.

4. Sellers pack wooden boxes and deliver goods by logistics.

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