Graphic: Automatic Conveyor Belt PLC Electrical Control System Design

2020-06-06 08:00:00

Graphic: Automatic conveyor belt PLC electrical control system design, the main purpose is to make everyone PLC structure, composition, working principle, master PLC system and control program design method and steps according to production process and automatic control requirements


1. The product is evenly placed on the conveyor belt, wherein when the pulley rotates one revolution, the product moves one position from 1→2→3→4→5→6 in turn; in addition, the proximity switch 1 sends a pulse every revolution of the pulley. 

2. The photodetector is responsible for detecting whether it is genuine or defective, and will send a pulse signal when the defective product is detected.

3. The proximity switch 2 is a genuine counter. When the genuine box is filled with 10 products, it sends a signal to let the car that has been filled with 10 products go, and then change a car.

4. The proximity switch 3 acts as a counter for the defective product and functions similarly to the proximity switch 2.

5. The robot is used to carry the defective product, that is, when the defective product is transported to the 6th position, the defective product it is responsible for is sent to the defective product box.

6. The defective product on the conveyor belt is checked out and taken away. When the genuine or defective box is filled with 10 products, the trolley is transported away.

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