Linear feeder,inline rail with bowl feeder

FZ Series

Factory outlet low resonance linear vibrating feeder,Precision Straight Vibrator Linear Vibration Feeder Vibrating Plate Flat Feeding Silent Automatic Feeder


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Combined with the vibration plate, it is good at conveying slender, cylindrical, square, and other needle-like materials. It is an electromagnetic feeder with a variety of panel widths.

• Applicable to automatic needle insertion machine (single barrel machine, double barrel machine);

• Spring steel plate vibration reduction can reduce the reaction force on the machine table during linear feeder work

•  Smooth vibration and fast conveying speed, especially suitable for double barrel pin machine, the resonance amplitude is small;

•  The height of the linear feeder is adjustable (114mm~120mm), and there are many options for the width of the upper panel (160X90, 160X110, 160X130, 160X140).







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