Flex Feeder ZDP3648

Flex Feeder ZDP3648

Flex feeder, flexible feeder ,flexible parts feeder



Technical parameters

1. Input Power: DC 12V10A

2. Box Size: 360 * 480 mm

3. Voice coil motor: 12V1A

4. Weight: 41 kg

5. Operating Noise: no-load < 68 db

6. Vibration mode: 11 programmable vibration modes

7. Control system: self-developed special controller

8. Machine interface: 4.3-inch touch screen

9. Protocol: Modbus-rtu and string mode

10. Backlight power supply: with LED backlight power supply

11. Communication interface: 11 RS232 + 1 RS485(can communicate simultaneously)

12. Digital interface: four digital inputs and one digital output

13. Warranty service: one year warranty (to be repaired)

14. List of accessories: controller +flex feeder+matching wiring harness

15. Working Frequency: the default 10 ~ 99 can open more frequency range

16. Hopper: hopper can be customized according to the material and provide IO point or communication control interface

17. Reversible weight of a single material: ≤100G varies with the material and shape of the material

External dimensions

柔性振动盘 ZDP3648 外形尺寸.png

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