Customized vibratory bowl feeder

Factory Supply Nut And Bot Spare Parts Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Electromagnetic feeder is a new type of feeding equipment, widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical , electric power , food and other industries. It is used for transmitted the massive, granular and powdered materials from storage silo, to the stored material equipment continuously or quantitatively. It adapted to automatic batching , quantitative packaging and automatic control.



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 Product name

Factory Supply Nut And Bot Spare Parts Vibratory Bowl Feeders



 Material Speciality

 Cold treatment forging alloy,   High strength, High hardness




 65W /150W /180w / 220W   / 350W


 CE, ROHS, ISO9001


 1 year warranty


 1 set

 Lead time

 14-28 days

 Payment term

 T/T 40% Deposit and balance   before shipment

 Original of Place




1.The bowl feeder system use PLC program control, offer logical, intelligent & accurate control function.

2.Suitable for counting single product and mixed blend material.

3.Each vibration bowl has an independent controller.

4.Vibrate Filler is an automatic filling device with oriented arrangement.

5. It could sequence, sort, detect and count materials by vibrating and delivering.

6. The materials to next working procedure.

7. Customized on different shape and size's components.

8. Automatic alarm of empty /miss material.

9.Augmentation: more equipment can be added to the machine at customer's demand.

Purchasing Process

Step 1:

1. Buyers provide physical pictures, sizes and materials;

2. Buyers provide the order and direction of discharging materials.

3. Buyers provide discharging speed;

4. Counterclockwise or clockwise;

5. Confirm if you need linear feeder, hopper, baseboard and sound-proof cover.

Step 2: Seller Evaluation Feedback
Material (returned to the buyer with the vibrating feeder) should be used for adjusting the vibrating feeder.

Step 3: After payment and delivery

1. Sellers begin to order and make the down payment.
2. Video shooting on the test machine;

3. The buyer is satisfied and make the final payment.

4. Sellers pack wooden boxes and deliver goods by logistics.

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