Development Trend Of Vibrating Feeder Hopper

2020-06-07 08:00:00

To know what a vibrating feeder hopper is, you must first understand what is going on the vibrating feeder. The vibrating feeder is an auxiliary device for automatic assembly machinery that can discharge various products in an orderly manner. It can be combined with automatic assembly equipment to assemble various parts of the product into a complete product.

According to reports, the hopper of the vibrating feeder is an extremely important component. There is a pulse electromagnet under the vibrating feeder hopper to make the hopper vibrate in the vertical direction. The inclined spring piece drives the hopper to make a torsional vibration around its vertical axis. The parts inside the hopper rise in the spiral track due to this vibration until they are sent to the discharge port.

The purpose of the vibrating feeder hopper is to automatically and orderly arrange the disordered workpieces in an orderly and accurate manner to the next process by vibration. In addition to meeting the product's directional ordering, the vibrating feeder can also be used for sorting, testing, counting and packaging, etc. It is a modern high-tech product.

The vibrating feeder hopper is divided into five types: a cylindrical hopper, a spiral, a wire hopper, a tapered hopper, and an equal-part hopper.

1, the price is low

I remember that in 2008, the price of a medium-sized vibrating feeder was high, but now it is low. On average, it has dropped by 40%, and this speed is still very fast!

2, high cost

The current price of vibrating feeder raw materials is incomparable with the previous ones. I don’t know how many times it has been turned over. This is not to say, even the monthly salary of the master of the vibrating feeder has risen to five or six thousand. In general, the cost is rising straight!

3. Intense competition

At present, China's vibrating feeder manufacturers are about twice as many as in 2008. At present, there are about a thousand, most of them are concentrated in the southeast coastal areas, and the degree of competition can be imagined!

4, low entry cost

As long as you have more than 890,000, it will be more than 100,000. If you pull two people who understand the vibration feeder, you can build a vibration feeder factory immediately. This is one of the main reasons for the proliferation of the vibration feeder manufacturers and the degree of competition!

5, slow development of technology

If you have a picture of a vibrating feeder or a vibrating feeder ten years ago, you can compare it with the current vibrating feeder. Obviously, the current vibrating feeder is the same as the previous technology. Not much development or change!

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