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SWOER Automatic Rivet Feeder is a kind of machine which can automatically transfer the rivets into the nail-muzzle. It has applied for many patents and filled the blank in China. Its use, can save more than 30% of your enterprise labor costs.

SWOER Automatic Rivet Feeder is different from the Automatic Rivet Feeder in the market. The Automatic Rivet Feeder in the market rely on the hand to put the nail rivets into the nail gun muzzle, or use the hand to control the nail gun to bring the muzzle close to the nail rod, it relies on the negative pressure in the nail gun mouth to suck the rivets into the nail gun mouth, while the SWOER automatic nail gun is an automatic version of the Automatic Nail Gun. It relies on the machine to automatically arrange and separate the rivets, the Compressed air rivets are automatically piped to the muzzle of the nail gun. Through the SWOER Automatic Rivet Feeder, can make heavy, heavily dependent on skilled manual nail operations, upgrading to automated operations or unmanned operations, is a major scientific and technological progress in nail industry!




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Automatic Rivet Feeder

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Composition Of Automatic Rivet Feeder

SWOER Automatic Rivet Feeder is composed of the main engine and the nail gun components

1, the host includes the machine motion system, the machine control system, the detection system.

The function of the machine motion system is to separate the rivets from the disorderly arrangement and then to transport the rivets to the gun nozzle in a certain direction Machine control system is to control the machine parts in accordance with the set action, detection system is to detect whether the machine is in accordance with the set program stable operation.

2. The nail gun component is composed of a nail gun, a rivet pulling receiving mechanism and a signal collecting and output mechanism.

Nail gun is the automatic nail gun on the market, it is the necessary part of nail operation, whether it is manual or automatic operation, nail operation is completed by it; The rivet receiving mechanism is to catch and load the rivet which is transported by the host machine through the pipeline into the rivet nozzle component, which is the core technology of the automatic rivet machine, as the name implies, is the signal collection and output, the machine is run by it to start the completion.

Traditional Automatic Rivet Feeder

SWOER Automatic Rivet Feeder

Time for


Time for fixing requires fixing by hand, and there is a time for fixing

Can automatically   pull rivets into the nail gun mouth, no nail installation time

Time for


After placing a nail, it is necessary to move the nail gun to a certain position so as to   install the rivet conveniently. It takes two moving times

No need to move the nail installation time, after placing a nail, just move the gun muzzle to   the second nail position

Left hand movement


The left hand is still required to hold the nail in the hand after the nail is installed

The left hand only needs to hold the workpiece to the good hole

Missing pull pin

The left hand grabs the pull nail and needs to support the work piece at the same time,   easy to lose the nail, the nail loses greatly

Automatic nail installation, will not lose nails, table clean, nails loss is small

Right hand movement

Nail gun in right hand

Nail gun in right hand


Need to install nails by hand, hand perspiration will pollute the nail, nail becomes dirty

No need to touch the nail by hand, clean and sanitary

Personnel required

Need half month even more than a month of training period

No training period, immediately on duty


Cleaning and Maintenance of Automatic Rivet Feeder

1. Clean the nail bin regularly to ensure the bin is clean, suggest using high-pressure gas blowing out the residue in the bin.

2. Clean the track of nail machine regularly to ensure the smooth running of nail machine in the track.

3. Regularly clean the nail delivery system to ensure the smooth operation of the nail delivery system, it is recommended to regularly add some grease in the exercise part.

4. Clean the outer surface of the machine case regularly.

5. Can not use the nail gun movement muzzle strike workpiece or other objects. Please turn off the power when it is not in use.


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