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Vibratory Linear Feeder

  • ZC Series

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    ZC Series

    Features The length of the product conveying track has been increased, and the driving angle is fast and stable by adjusting the amplitude angle, which is suitable for ultra-long transportation of small and medium-sized components. The following are special considerations: 1....

  • DK Series

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    DK Series

    Features The width of the product conveying track is increased, and the driving is fast and stable by adjusting the amplitude angle, which is suitable for ultra-wide transportation of small and medium-sized components. Installation precautions : A. The material path should...

  • XP Series

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    XP Series

    Features: The high-precision linear drive assembly and the plate spring anti-vibration device with absorption reaction force are high-speed and stable, and can obtain the best vibration characteristics in accordance with the transportation of small parts. • Improve the...

  • JM Series

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    JM Series

    Features This series of high-precision electromagnetic linear drive components is ideal for high-speed and stable delivery of ultra-small components such as precision, micro, flat, and chip. In order to make the linear feeder have better use effect and longer service life,...

  • FZ Series

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    FZ Series

    Features Combined with the vibration plate, it is good at conveying slender, cylindrical, square, and other needle-like materials. It is an electromagnetic feeder with a variety of panel widths. • Applicable to automatic needle insertion machine (single barrel machine, double...

  • JD Series

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    JD Series

    Features The frequency modulation is variable, and it is suitable for linear feeders for linear conveying of small parts. The driving amplitude is small and there is hardly any vibration interference between the parts feeder. Drawing: Technical parameter

  • PZ Series

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    PZ Series

    Features • All the accessories are finished, and the outer surface is all treated with anodizing or high-temperature baking, and the appearance is high-grade and beautiful. • It is easy to use, and by adjusting the position of the rear balance block, anyone can easily adjust...

  • PT Series

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    PT Series

    Features • Use plate spring damping to reduce the reaction force on the bottom. • High resolution for medium and small workpiece feeding. • The vibration is smooth and there is almost no interference with the circular vibration. • Designed with a track length of approximately...

  • Linear Vibratory Feeder

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    Linear Vibratory Feeder

    1. Product function and use: Products used by the conveyor track and linear feeder composition A will be finishing good workpiece smooth delivery to the next station, easy to connect with the production line, at the same time to achieve storage function, and increase feed...

  • Linear Feeder

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    Linear Feeder

    1.Features: Linear feeder: linear Feeder is the vibration source that delivers the aligned product in a linear motion. 2.Vibratory bowl feeder manufacturers is very versatile, its role as below: A. Product screening: In addition to the bowl feeder can automatically sort the...

  • Linear Vibrator

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    Linear Vibrator

    1. Product function and use: Linear Feeder, also known as linear vibration feeder, is a vibratory bowl feeder can be transported out of the material for linear transmission of mechanical devices. 2.Product Features: A.product accessories all the outer surface of high...

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