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Non-standard Products

  • Adsorption/Blowing Screw Machine

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    Adsorption/Blowing Screw Machine

    Blowing Screw Machine: Adsorption Screw Machine: Features 1. The machine is made of all-aluminu m professional mold profiles and has a streamlined appearance. 2. Single electric batch and double station, the product pick-and-place time is parallel with the lock time, and the...

  • Hand-held Screw Machine

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    Hand-held Screw Machine

    Features 1. The hand-held screw machine is versatile and flexible, and is suitable for non-fixed operations. 2. Dual sensors are used. Lock one by one. There is no repeated feeding phenomenon. 3. The machine is 100% unstuck. Even if the screw is bad, the non-professionals can...

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