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What Should You Do If The Voise Of The Vibrating Feeder Is Large?
Nov 14, 2018

Everyone understands that if the material is relatively large, the noise may be louder. In order to have a quiet working environment, everyone will ask: How to reduce the noise of the vibrating feeder?

The vibrating feeder below will explain to everyone how the noise of the vibrating feeder is loud!

In fact, all those who have studied junior high school know that there are three ways to reduce noise: 1. Eliminate noise from noise sources. 2. Eliminate in the path of noise transmission. 3. Plug your ears. Obvious vibration feeder

Noise reduction can only reduce noise from the route of transmission. The easiest way is to make a soundproof cover.

Material: aluminum profile, several glass, sealing tape, lotus leaf, etc.

Method: The aluminum profile is made into a cube frame slightly larger than the vibrating feeder, and the plexiglass is mounted on each face, and the upper surface is linked by a lotus leaf, and the inside of the frame is sealed with a sealing tape.

Such a simple soundproof cover has been successful. And the effect of sound insulation is still quite obvious.

In fact, everyone has their own methods, but the principles are similar. I hope that everyone can communicate together and work together to reduce the noise of the vibrating feeder.