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What Is Vibration Platform And Its Application
Nov 06, 2018

Some knowledge about how to initially maintain the vibration platform, first of all to understand what is the vibration platform, the vibration platform is also called the vibration table, mainly used for material compaction, reducing the air and gaps in the material. Generally used with the silo.

The hardware vibration feeder is widely used in various industries such as electronics, hardware, plastics, watch industry, battery, food, connector, medical equipment, medicine, food, toys, stationery, daily necessities, etc. It is to solve the supply of industrial automation equipment. The necessary equipment. The vibrating feeder can be used for sorting, testing, counting and packaging, etc., in addition to the directional ordering of the products. It is a modern high-tech product.

   Its application is very extensive, and the vibration platform is used in the production process to transform particles and powder materials from bulk to block form and shape.