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What Do You Do With The Failure Of The Feeder?
Mar 14, 2018

Air feeder

First, there is instability in feeding:

1. Check if the mold has any problems;

2, check the sealing ring for wear and tear;

3, check if the screws are loose;

4. Check whether the air pressure reaches 0.45kgf/cm3 under the continuous normal working condition of the feeder;

5, adjust the speed control screw, so that moving the slider slightly faster than the speed of the punch;

Second, there is feed deviation:

1, check whether the mold and the feeder mounting plate into a 90 ° vertical angle;

2. Check if the material is straight when entering the feeder;

3. Add a relaxation device, and use the mold positioning needle to enter the third of the hole position of the material to assist in relaxation;