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What Are The Types Of Vibration Bowl Feeder?
Mar 14, 2018

Vibrating trays There are several types of feeders:

A) Bucket feeder: It can make the material enter the bottom of the base from the inlet of the base, and is picked up by the moving hopper and lifted upwards. After reaching the nose, the material is removed from the hopper by gravity and centrifugal force and discharged from the discharge port.

B), tape feeder: tape feeder is a continuous feeding machine, it uses a conveyor belt around the front and rear two rollers as a traction and carrying components, the drive roller rely on friction to drive the conveyor belt movement , And with the animal feed to run together, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

C], vibration feeder: mainly by the trough, exciter, the main vibration spring, guide bar, isolation spring, balance chassis, feeding device and unloading device components. Vibratory feeders use some form of exciter to vibrate the tank body in a certain direction of inclination, thereby transporting the material from one location to another.

D], screw feeder: The screw feeder mainly consists of a spiral body composed of a chute, a spiral blade and a rotating shaft, two end bearings, an intermediate suspension bearing and a drive device.

E], buried scraper feeder: buried scraper feeder consists of a closed shell, scraper chain, drive devices and tensioning devices and other components.