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Vibration Bowl Feeder Irregular How To Solve
Mar 14, 2018

First, too many parts or oil

In this case, the vibrating plate may also be subject to unstable delivery of the parts. Therefore, when the feeding problem occurs, this factor must be excluded first. In addition, this happens when parts are irregular.


Second, horizontal state deviation

In many cases, irregularity occurs in the workpiece conveying during operation. At this time, it is necessary to check if there is any debris in the vibrating plate, or if there is a tilt on the table, so it is necessary to eliminate them one by one.


Third, the machine itself runs too fast or is a problem with voltage

After eliminating some of the above reasons, it is necessary to see if it is a voltage problem or if the machine itself is too fast. When these conditions arise, it will also cause feeding problems. There are many reasons for the vibration plate feeding problems, according to the above ideas to solve the problem.