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Vibration Bowl Feeder Function And Advantages?
Mar 14, 2018

1. Automatic sorting of workpieces, automatic feeding to equipment, instead of cumbersome manual manual sorting, especially the small workpieces that are not easy to operate, and the arrangement of ultra-small workpieces.

2. Sort out failed parts.

3, speed up production speed and improve efficiency.

4, the use of vibration plate can reduce the number of labor, improve labor efficiency and reduce operational errors.

5. The use of vibrating plates for products with particularly high sanitary requirements is less likely than manual production to cause pollution, and can also increase the overall image of the factory.

6, with the relevant automated mechanical equipment, vibration plate can be partially or completely replace the manual, to achieve a fast, accurate, and smooth automatic feeding and automatic assembly process.

Vibration plate feeder is widely used in electronics, hardware, plastics, watches and clocks, batteries, food, connectors, medical equipment, medicine, food, toys, stationery, daily necessities manufacturing and other industries, is to solve the supply of industrial automation equipment Must be equipment. In addition to meeting the orientation of the products, the vibration plate can also be used for sorting, testing, counting and packaging. It is a modern high-tech product.