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The Function And Structure Of Automatic Vibratory Bowl Feeder
Mar 14, 2018

In industrial production, many parts are disordered in the process of transportation. In order to solve this problem, and at the same time, no waste of labor, an automatic feeding vibrating tray is introduced.

First, the role of

The automatic feeding vibrating disc is mainly a kind of automatic ordering feeding equipment. Its function is to effectively rehearse the disordered workpieces in a certain order by vibration, and then deliver them to the next process in an orderly manner.

Two. Structure

Usually an automatic feeding vibration plate is mainly composed of control panel, hopper, feeder line, controller and other supporting. A pulsed electromagnet will be attached below the hopper. Its purpose is to make the hopper in a vertical direction of vibration, and the parts inside the hopper will go up along the spiral track until it is sent to the discharge port when the vibration is pushed.

There are five main types of hopper for automatic feeding vibrating disc, which are spiral, cylindrical hopper, contours hopper, conical hopper and wire hopper. There are four kinds of chassis with a positive pull chassis, a side pull chassis, a piezoelectric chassis and a precision chassis.