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SWOER- 27th Vietnam International Industrial Fair VIIF-part-1
Oct 16, 2018

SWOER’s main products: vibratory bowl feeder, vibratory feeder drive, bowl feeder controller and vibratory linear feeder, we not only provide independent components,but also provide a series of solutions to meet your needs,to meet the existing market demand, to meet the needs of different users’ customized products and non-standard products to meet the needs of special occasions. Similarly, in the same concept of quality, the service awareness is constant innovation, opening and progress.t

Whether it is precision mechanical parts or food, the four series of vibrating feeder drive design is applied very widely.

SWOER feeder is a device that can automatically arrange a variety of different materials (mechanical components, electronic components, pharmaceuticals, medical products, food, miscellaneous goods, etc.) and arrangement supply them through automatic equipment such as chutes.

SWOER in the 27th Vietnam International Industrial Fair VIIF: