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Several Major Fields Using Linear Feeder
Mar 14, 2018

Linear feeder called Gu's name is conveying apparatus products or parts, in the industrial manufacturing field, it can be applied to a wide range, so it is the most common to the general field of what?

Generally speaking, as long as the use of vibration plate place, can use the linear feeder. Linear feeder can be used in several important areas:

(1), automotive electronics and automotive parts and components;

(2), electrical and electrical fields (mainly multimeter, meter, ballast, plug, wall switch, battery);

(3) the field of low voltage electrical appliances (mainly isolated switches, circuit breakers, automatic switching switches, reversible contactors, AC contactors, etc.);

(4) industrial control products (terminals, sensors, relays, frequency converters, transformers, thermostat, power, motors, instruments, oscilloscopes, etc.).

(5) household appliances industry (camera, doorbell, massager, electronic organ, shower, plastic toy, charger, induction cooker, air conditioner, remote controller, color TV, rice cooker, pressure cooker, etc.).