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Matters Needing Attention For The Operation Of Automatic Feeding Machine
Mar 14, 2018

In order to ensure the safe operation of the automatic feeding machine, the operator should pay attention to some matters when operating the automatic feeding machine.

1. Before work

(1) check the lubrication of each part and make the lubricating electricity fully lubricated.

(2) check whether the installation of the mold is correct and reliable.

(3) check whether the compressed air pressure is within the specified range;

(4) the automatic feeding machine is necessary to remove the flywheel and clutch, and the motor can be opened.

(5) when the motor is moved, it should be checked whether the rotation direction of the flywheel is the same as that of the rotary sign.

(6) make the press a few empty trips to check the working conditions of the brake, the clutch and the control part.

Two. In the work

(1) a manual lubricating oil pump should be used regularly to press the lubricating oil to the lubricating point.

(2) when the performance of the pressure automatic feeding machine is not familiar, the press can not be adjusted without authorization.

(3) it is absolutely forbidden to blanking two layers of material at the same time;

(4) when it is found that the work is not normal, the work should be stopped immediately and it should be checked in time.

Three. After work

(1) disconnect the flywheel and clutch, cut off the power and release the remaining air.

(2) the pressure automatic feeding machine is cleaned and the table surface is coated with antirust oil.

(3) keep a record after each operation or maintenance.