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Introduction Of The Characteristics Of The Vibration Feeder Base
Oct 31, 2018

The purpose of the vibrating feeder is to automatically and orderly arrange the disordered workpieces in an orderly and accurate manner to the next process. Its base is divided into inverter type, piezoelectric type and common type. All three types of discs have their own unique performance: First, the characteristics of the frequency conversion type are 1 output frequency digital frequency conversion type 250/60HZ use area change, no need to adjust the vibration plate 3 to replace the disk surface and other hairdressing conditions, no need to adjust the spring piece . Second, the piezoelectric characteristics are 1 voltage 100/200V shared 2 voltage 50/60HZ use area change, no need to adjust the spring piece 3 thin and small parts, the whole column of the feed is very good, 4 parts of the whole process of transmission has no magnetic influence. Third, the general characteristics of the 1 vibrating feeder diameter is 80MM-700MM, depending on the size of the component selection range 2 component differences, the entire column feeding mode, can use the track column, photoelectric whole column, all the whole column 3 excellent drive design and production, machine The long life of the station is 4, piezoelectric, high frequency, full wave, half wave type can be selected according to the size of the component, light weight, thickness, and the best choice 5 vibration flat stability.