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Installation Of Vibratory Bowl Feeder
Mar 14, 2018

In fact, the vibration disc feeder in the production process of long-term need daily maintenance in order to ensure the normal operation of the production line. This is the common sense that many people know, so what should it be aware of in its daily maintenance? We should start with the technical parameters of the vibrating plate first.

The technical parameters of the professional disc are large to 3, as shown below:

(a), vibration disc feeder according to the customer need the direction of rotation of the specified.

(two), the top specification is roughly to Phi Phi 80MM 1000MM.

(three) the rated voltage is AC 220V or 110V, and the rated frequency is 50HZ. The precision vibration disk adopts full wave excitation or half wave excitation as required.

After understanding the technical parameters of the operation, we should pay attention to the following aspects when installing the technique.

[A], do not rush to install after packing, check carefully whether the whole machine and the accessories conform to the packing list, whether the package has been opened, and whether the whole machine and accessories are damaged.

[B], check the firmware of each part of the host carefully or not. When it is loose, contact the manufacturer immediately in order to avoid danger in the process of production.

When the [C] is installed, the vibration damping element must be placed in a safe position.

After the [D], the precision vibrating disc is highly adjusted, the base is fixed on the fixed plate or bracket.

There is a proper gap between the [E], the exits of the precision vibratory disc and the connecting equipment, so as to prevent the precision vibration disc from turning far to produce power and affect the normal operation.

[F], connect the electric plug of the precision vibration disk with the electric control box, switch on the switch after switching on the power, slowly turn to the potentiometer, and gradually achieve the required feeding quantity.

[G] and the last thing to notice is to avoid damaging the SCR to a minimum value before turning on the machine.