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How To Choose The Vibration Feeder Will Be More Suitable
Jan 14, 2019

To determine the model number of a vibrating feeder, you need to determine the following parameters

1. Calculate the torque of the load. Select the output of the gear vibration feeder according to this torque. Determine the model of the gear vibration feeder with reference to the “output torque table” provided by the gear vibration feeder manufacturer.

2. Determine the running speed of the machine. Calculate the reduction ratio of the gear vibration feeder according to this speed. The reduction ratio = input shaft speed / output shaft speed = motor speed / mechanical required speed.

Third, determine the additional functions of the vibration feeder, such as power brakes, power brakes, frequency conversion, shrink frame, shell material, etc. Some additional functions are only available in specific factories, such as the city-state gear reducer, which provides all the additional Functionality, so communication with suppliers at the time of selection is important.

      Mechanical speed is affected by many factors. Before determining the reduction ratio of the vibrating feeder, we must establish that all processes are intact, and then our voltage is stable. This way the vibrating feeder will run even more smoothly.