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How To Avoid Various Effects When The Vibration Feeder At Work
Dec 06, 2018

When the vibrating feeder series electromagnetic coil is in operation, the inclined surface will be slightly up and down by the electromagnetic suction force, and the working frequency and clearance of the vibrating feeder can be adjusted to achieve smooth operation. Principle of vibrating electromagnet: The electromagnet is used to generate an alternating magnetic field. The vibrating part is a piece of iron suspended in front of the electromagnet. When the signal passes through the electromagnet, the magnetic field of the electromagnet changes, and the iron piece vibrates and sounds. .

Vibration plate series

Working principle of the vibrating feeder: There is a pulse electromagnet under the hopper, which can make the hopper vibrate in the vertical direction. Due to the inclination of the spring piece, the hopper is oscillated around its vertical axis. The parts inside the hopper rise in the spiral track due to this vibration until they are sent to the discharge port. The automatic feeding vibration feeder is an automatic orientation sorting feeding device. The purpose of the work is to automatically and orderly arrange the disordered workpieces in an orderly and accurate manner to the next process by vibration.

The vibrating feeder is an auxiliary feeding device for automatic assembly or automatic processing machinery. It can arrange various products in an orderly manner, and assemble various parts of the product into a complete product with automatic assembly equipment, or complete the processing of the workpiece with automatic processing machinery. The vibrating feeder replaces the traditional manual work, which saves time and human resources, improves work efficiency, and avoids the danger of high-risk mechanical equipment users (no need to use artificial means for feeding with vibrating plate)

The vibrating feeder has a wide range of uses: it is applied to various automatic assembly equipment, electronic parts processing equipment, electronic components and hardware small parts automatic feeding vibrating feeder series and its associated automatic feeding bin, linear feeder, electronic control, Vibration platform, vertical vibrator.

The vibrating feeder series is also used in various industries such as connectors, plastics, stationery, motors, etc. to realize automatic sorting, counting, packaging, inspection, marking, etc. of the workpieces, and different models have been designed to meet the requirements of different workpieces. For specialization, standardized production further improves product stability, consistency, and reduces costs, providing a reliable guarantee for quality products.