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Composition Of Vibratory Bowl Feeder
Mar 14, 2018

In general, the components of vibration disc feeder is composed of a hopper, the chassis and the bottom line controller of these items, and these items are indispensable, if the lack of the same, it will not be able to use, and we also see that because of the automatic feeding vibration plate feeder has a variety of types, different types of dishes, very natural we can also see that it brings us a different role, so we should pay attention to choose the correct model when choosing the goods, so that it can not affect the normal use. If you choose the product when you choose the wrong, it will affect the use, but the choice of the right there is no trouble.

(A) a hopper, a funnel shaped container installed on a molding machine.

(B) the chassis is a kind of auxiliary feeding equipment for automatic assembly or automatic machining machinery. It is referred to as the part feeding device for short. Working principle: frequency converter, motor, automatic transmission definition vibration disc is a kind of automatic assembly or automatic processing machinery auxiliary feeding equipment. The vibration disc feeder can make various products arranged in an orderly manner, with automatic assembly equipment to various parts of the products are assembled into a complete product

(C) the bottom line controller also refers to the vibration feed controller.

Therefore, vibration feeder is assembled by the above several parts, according to the principle of mechanics and made an auxiliary automatic assembly machine or automatic feeding equipment. It is referred to as the part feeding device for short.