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Common Faults And Troubleshooting Methods For Bowl Feeder
Jan 14, 2019

Common faults and troubleshooting methods for vibrating feeder:

1, not enough speed

a. Check if the screws that fasten the elastic components are loose.

b. Whether the gap of the electromagnet is too large, the normal gap should be within the range of 0.5-1.1 (mm) for the small vibration feeder, electromagnet and armature. The non-parallelism between the core and the armature working face should not exceed 0.1 (mm).

2. Do not vibrate after the power is turned on. Check if the electrical box fuse is blown, whether the electrical components are loose, and whether the plug and socket are in poor contact.

3. Automatically sort the workpieces and automatically feed them to the assembly machine instead of cumbersome manual manual sorting, especially the arrangement of small workpieces and ultra-small workpieces that are difficult to operate manually; 2. Sort out unqualified workpieces; 3. Accelerate production speed ,Improve efficiency;

4, the use of vibrating feeder can reduce the number of labor, improve labor efficiency, reduce operational errors; 5, the use of vibrating discs for products with particularly high hygiene requirements is less likely to cause pollution than manual production, and can also improve the overall image of the factory.

5. The temperature rise of the electromagnet coil is too high or the coil is burned out.

a, the iron core and the armature gap is too large, prone to burning coil phenomenon.

b. For electromagnets with full-wave excitation, if used for half-wave power supply, the temperature rise will be high.