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Button Vibrating Feeder
Dec 27, 2018

Let me introduce the details of the button vibration feeder. It can transport high temperature or harmful materials. Belt vibrating feeder transports high temperature materials is not allowed, because the tape can not withstand higher temperatures. Plate vibrating feeder and spiral vibrating plate are not allowed to work at high temperature because lubrication The oil will become thinner at high temperatures and flow to the outside of the bearing, so that the rotating parts cannot be well lubricated. When the vibrating plate is air-cooled, it can transport materials of about 500 degrees Celsius, and when the water jacket is selected, it can transport materials of about 1000 degrees Celsius. At the same time of carrying, it is convenient to complete various processes such as cooling, drying, dehydration, sieving, mixing, heat preservation, heat insulation and humidification. Vibrating feeder are often used where dust is required and when carrying high temperature, hazardous materials.

The vibrating feeder replaces the traditional manual work, which saves time and human resources, improves the work efficiency, and avoids the danger of using the high-risk device to operate, because the vibrating feeder does not need to be placed by humans. Moreover, the vibrating feeder is widely used, and it is used in various automatic assembly equipment, electronic control processing equipment, electronic components and hardware small parts automatic feeding vibration disc series and the automatic feeding bin used with it, when people are using When vibrating the feeder device, you must carefully read its safety instructions, which helps people avoid unnecessary accidents when using it.