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Application Of Vibrating Feeder On Various Industrial Automatic Machine Tools
Dec 06, 2018

The vibrating feeder is an auxiliary feeding device for automatic assembly or automatic processing machinery. It can arrange various products in an orderly manner, and assemble various parts of the product into a complete product with automatic assembly equipment, or complete the processing of the workpiece with automatic processing machinery.

There is a pulse electromagnet under the vibrating plate hopper, which can make the hopper vibrate in the vertical direction. The inclined spring piece drives the hopper to make a torsional vibration around its vertical axis.

The parts inside the hopper rise along the spiral track due to this vibration. Through a series of track screening or attitude changes during the ascent process, the parts can automatically enter the assembly or machining position in a uniform state according to assembly or machining requirements.

The purpose of the work is to automatically and orderly arrange the disordered workpieces in an orderly and accurate manner to the next process by vibration. Therefore, it can be configured as a feeding system for a mechanical part cutting machine loading and unloading robot.

Some small workpieces with simple shapes and short machining temples use the truss robot to serve the automatic loading and unloading of the cutting unit. Because of this method, it is not necessary to pre-position the parts automatically, but to use the vibrating feeder to the workpiece. Sorting and selection of workpiece state are performed, and then automatic loading and unloading is performed by a dedicated material channel or a robot driven by a cylinder or a cylinder. In this way, the disordered workpiece can be directly poured into the silo, and the automatic sorting and feeding of the vibrating disc greatly improves the material preparation efficiency and shortens the loading and unloading time of the workpiece.