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Adjustment Steps For The Vibration Feeder Bracket Installation
Nov 02, 2018

Steps for adjusting the mounting of the vibrating feeder bracket :

  1. Confirm that the vibrating feeder body is locked at the feeder surface; check whether the whole machine and the accompanying accessories meet the packing list when packing; do not vibrate after the power is turned on, check whether the electric controller fuse is dissolved. Whether the electrical components are loose and the plugs and sockets are not in good contact.

  2. Check if the firmware of each part of the host is loose; adjust the controller button to the middle position or adjust the number to 130~180.

  3. Turn on the power and check whether the vibration feeder conveying speed meets the requirements; it is necessary to make the damping components in the corresponding position during installation.

  4. After adjusting the height and level of the vibrating feeder, fix the base on the fixing feeder or bracket; if it does not meet the requirements, do not disconnect the power supply, loosen the fixing screws of the locking shrapnel and check the vibration speed.

  5. There should be a proper gap between the vibration feeder outlet and the connecting device, so as not to interfere with the normal operation of the vibrating feeder. If the elastic feeder fixing screw is loosened, the vibration speed becomes faster, indicating that the elastic piece is too thick, and the number of shrapnel or the thickness of the elastic piece is moderately reduced. Step 4, debug again.

  6. Connect the electrical plug of the vibrating feeder with the electrical control box, turn on the power, turn on the switch, slowly turn the potentiometer, and gradually reach the required number of feeds. The last thing to note is that the potentiometer must be adjusted to the lowest value before starting the machine, so as not to damage the thyristor. If the spring is loose, the vibration speed will be slower, indicating that the shrapnel is too thin, and then increase the number or thickness of the shrapnel. Step 4, debug again.

  7. If the electromagnet adapted to full-wave vibration is used for half-wave power supply, the temperature will be high; if the adjustment of step 4, the vibration speed does not change much, it means that the shrapnel adjustment has been completed.

  8. Using the controller to generate the pulse current with the same natural frequency as the system to excite the electromagnet, the system will resonate, and the armature and the vibrating feeder will quickly pull toward the electromagnet. Because the descent speed is fast, the material will float in the air and Gravity acts on the tray, and then under the action of the spring piece, the armature and the vibrating feeder are pushed back again, and the material in the tray is moved forward to the non-standard equipment.