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Vibratory bowl feeder advantages
Mar 14, 2018

Many people know that a vibrating plate feeder is actually an automatic feeder. It automatically operates according to specified requirements and established procedures. People only need to determine the control requirements and procedures, and do not use direct-operated feeding mechanisms. From another definition, it is an organization that transfers items from one location to another during the process without the need for human intervention to complete it automatically and accurately. What are the advantages of it? Then talk to everyone.

In general, what are the benefits of vibratory plate feeders are the following:

1), high efficiency of 60 times per minute.

2), high precision: In the continuous stamping process, the minimum distance between edge and edge can be set within 0.5mm, each movement error can be guaranteed within ± 0.08mm.

3) Multiple displacements can be performed. Calculated by 60°, each shift can save 7% of the material. When the wafer size is not equal, the angle of the arrangement can be changed according to the width of the material to provide material utilization. In general, it is high output.

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