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Vibration bowl feeder feeder function
Mar 14, 2018

Many people know that the vibration plate feeder is an automatic feeding device that integrates the functions of arrangement, orientation, conveying, counting, etc., and is widely used in electronic components, battery parts, hardware parts, small plastics, and rubber parts. , food packaging, medical equipment, instrumentation, apparel zipper and other products in the automated production: is a high efficiency, low cost, easy operation, small footprint, can create maximum efficiency for our customers to maximize the automatic sorting equipment.

So, what function does the vibration plate feeder generally have? The following is a brief introduction for you by Dongguan City Xiangxiang Automation Technology Co., Ltd.:

(1) The vibration plate adopts intelligent temperature controller to control the horizontal and vertical sealing temperatures, so that the sealing is firm, the sealing is good, the pouch shape is smooth, exquisite, and the packaging efficiency is high.

(2) Vibrating plate, linear vibration arranging device and precise counting control device tailored for screw samples ensure that each bag of the vibration plate feeder is accurate.

(3) The vibration plate adopts advanced intelligent photoelectric tracking system and automatic compensation function to ensure that the double-sided printing pattern of packaging bags is automatically printed and the use rate of packaging materials is improved.

(4) The vibration plate bag making system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology to automatically track and position the color code of the bag, and easily complete the operation and adjustment of the bag. The speed is fast, the operation is stable, and the noise is low.