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Vibration bowl feeder development
Mar 14, 2018

As environmental protection, energy saving and low-carbon life have become the main theme of global development, all walks of life are developing circular economy on the basis of high-efficiency and environmental protection, and take the road of sustainable development. Vibration plate feeders, one of the automation products, must also follow this theme.

According to relevant data, with the strengthening of the development of the manufacturing industry in Southeast Asia, the export volume of feeders in the domestic feeder industry has expanded to a large extent. Although the current overall competitiveness cannot be counterbalanced by developed countries, some equipment and some production lines sell well. Yes, but due to equipment failures, production standards could not be met; some have caused losses due to high energy consumption and low product qualification rates; some have been introduced for a long time and require technical updates. In addition, due to various reasons, some imported projects may not be able to operate normally, or even paralyzed, equipment or production lines, which will affect the efficiency of the company and seriously impede the enterprises. Therefore, they try to avoid these problems.

On the other hand, although overall competitiveness cannot be counterbalanced by developed countries at present, there is a bright future for development. The production and development of the feeder equipment industry and even the entire automation equipment surrounding punching industry must also comply with this rule. While improving the quality of the feeder and increasing the production efficiency, attention should be paid to reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution, and do its best to achieve green production. To achieve sustainable development.