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Routine maintenance linear feeder
Mar 14, 2018

In daily work, a lot of hardware stamping factory installed straight line feeder, basically from the buy back, never care before, you do not be surprised, this is not a minority, but the majority of customers are doing so. Linear feeder than other mechanical work, need has been in the state to normal production. Time delays a lot, it will delay production.

In fact, only a few large metal stamping manufacturers will have an independent set of sound maintenance codes. Many manufacturers feel that daily maintenance is very troublesome. When they come in the morning, they need to have a small maintenance first to check whether the machine can work normally.

In fact, this problem is very realistic, many people do not want to do this kind of thing, very dirty. In fact, this time, our proposal should be given a regular maintenance, not daily maintenance. This regular maintenance also depends on the weather. The adjustment of the number of times can be distributed at all levels.