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How to reverse the linear feeder
Mar 14, 2018

We know that linear feeder is used to transport material machine, it plays a very important role in industrial production. Then let's talk about what its reverse device is.

Generally speaking, the reverse device has the following characteristics of feeder:

First, it is not easy to produce high fever.

Two), with super hard alloy and roller, it is not easy to wear.

Three), the friction force is small, the required transmission torque is relatively reduced, and the transmission mechanism is not easy to damage.

Four], not because of the stamping out of residual oil, and the brakes have the reverse, send away from the incorrect phenomenon.

Five), the action mode is the circular motion of the roller, not the straight motion of the 4 guide columns, because there will be no death.

Six], and constructed the one-way device, can control the trust of scenic spots, long time use will not cause the phenomenon of reverse Sihao, stability and high precision.