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Basic Knowledge of Vibratory Bowl Feeder
Jun 15, 2018

The vibratory bowl feeder may be known to everybody. This is also very common in life and work. But how many people actually have their basic knowledge? Today I will share the basic knowledge of the vibratory bowl feeder. The details are as follows.


Vibratory bowl feeder is a kind of auxiliary equipment for automatic assembly machinery. It is a kind of automatic feeding device that can sort and order automatically. It can discharge all kinds of products in order. It can be used together with automatic assembly equipment to assemble all parts of the product into a complete one product.

Principles and effects

The working principle of the vibratory bowl feeder: there is a pulse electromagnet below the hopper, which can make the hopper vibrate up and down in the vertical direction. Due to the tilt of the shrapnel, the hopper makes the oscillating vibration around its vertical axis. The parts in the hopper are subjected to this vibration and follow the spiral. The orbit rises until it is sent to the next process. The purpose of its work is to arrange the disordered workpieces automatically and orderly and orderly through vibration, and accurately transport them to the next process. Role: Widely used in batteries, hardware, electronics, medicine, food, plastic plugs, sprayers, connectors, precision vibratory bowl feeder applications and other industries, is the necessary equipment to solve the industrial automation equipment supply. In addition to meeting the orientation of the products, the vibratory bowl feeder can also be used for sorting, testing, counting and packaging, etc. It is a kind of high-tech products nowadays.

Components and classification

The composition of the vibratory bowl feeder: the hopper, the chassis, the controller, the linear feeder and other supporting components; The hopper of the vibratory bowl feeder is divided into five kinds: cylindrical hopper, spiral, line hopper, conical hopper, equal line hopper, etc.; Chassis, side pull chassis, piezoelectric chassis, precision chassis four; controller is divided into general controller, frequency controller, stage controller, with slow start controller, digital display FM controller five kinds; linear feeder can be According to customer needs, we can order all kinds of models of linear feeders, which can also be customized according to product requirements.

Features and Benefits

First, the automatic sorting of workpieces, automatic feeding to the assembly machine, replacing the cumbersome manual manual sorting, especially the manual arrangement of small workpieces, ultra-small workpieces of the second arrangement, sort out the unqualified workpiece 3, speed up the production speed, improve Four, the use of vibratory bowl feeder can reduce the number of labor, improve labor efficiency and reduce operational errors. Fifth, the vibrating discs for products with particularly high sanitary requirements are less likely to be contaminated than artificial ones, and can also improve the overall image of the factory. Equipped with relevant automation machinery and equipment, the vibratory bowl feeder can be partially or completely replaced by manual work to achieve rapid, accurate, and smooth automatic feeding and automatic assembly of the production process.

Use and maintenance

 1. Check if there are any loose fasteners on the host

2. Make sure that the vibration-reducing elements are aligned up and down and that the upper and lower holes correspond to each other.

3. After the height and level of vibratory bowl feeder are adjusted, fasten the lower seat on the bracket or fixing plate

4. Leave a certain clearance when the exit of the vibratory bowl feeder meets the requirements to avoid affecting the vibration effect

5. The vibratory bowl feeder is the electrical plug installed on the control box, pay attention to waterproof and oil. After connecting 220/110V power, open the switch, slowly turn the potentiometer (adjustable rheostat), and gradually reach the required amount of feed. Before turning on the power, be sure to adjust the potentiometer to the minimum position so as not to damage the electrical components such as transistors

6. After two years of normal operation of the vibratory bowl feeder, the components of the chassis should be disassembled, the dust should be wiped off, and the dirt should be cleaned and re-commissioned so that the required amount of feed can be achieved.