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Automatic Line Feeder Features
Mar 14, 2018

Many people are familiar with the linear feeders, especially those who are used in the production of the company. 

A), and multi-station mold supporting the use of simple adjustment, strong interchangeability; multi-station flexible mechanical arm with copying manipulator, so that feeding more stable and accurate;

Two], feeding way According to different product characteristic adopts three kinds of transmission methods respectively: Pneumatic transmission, servo transmission, pure mechanical structure transmission; Can realize the connection production of many machine tools.

3) Suitable for secondary processing of semi-finished products such as strips, sheets, sheets, and stampings;

4) The internal production supporting automatic detection system of the machine platform ensures the safety of production between the equipment and the mold;

V), supporting a wide range of applications: can be equipped with hydraulic machine tools, forging presses and other pressure equipment into automatic production;